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                                                    "Helping People Help Others"

Mission : To improve the well-being and health conditions of families through a collaborative system of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual supports. 

Vision: All citizens of Spalding
County will be safe, educated, healthy and community-minded.


Spalding Collaborative serves as the local decision-making body, bringing community partners together to develop, implement and evaluate plans that address the serious challenges facing Spalding County's children and families.The Collaborative meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

         Next Meeting January 9, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.

            Location:  Spalding County Health Department, 2nd Floor, 1007 Memorial Drive, Griffin, GA 30224




 The Fairmont Community Center Adult Education program is the culmination of a partnership between Spalding County, Spalding Collaborative, Griffin Housing Authority, University of Georgia-Griffin campus, and Southern Crescent Technical College. This collaboration along with a steering committee composed of grassroots community leaders serves as the backbone of the Educational Prosperity Initiative. With the assistance of representatives from local churches, Fairmont High Alumni Association, NAACP, and the Griffin Police Department, the initiative will target the needs of the community based on the voices of the community.  This initiative focuses on providing resources and opportunities to residents of Griffin-Spalding, including adult education, after-school tutoring, job training, and more. The group hopes to strengthen the relationship between education and community. 


Beginning August 21, 2012, Adult Education classes started on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Fairmont Community Center located at 214 Blanton St, Griffin.  More information about the classes can be obtained by calling 770-229-3176.

Subjects taught include basic reading, writing, mathematics, and preparation for taking the General Educational Development (GED) test.  All instruction, books, and materials are free of charge.


The GED Test is a group of five subject tests that certifies the successful test-taker has high school level academic skills. The credential is recognized by most educational and business organizations as the equivalent of a high school diploma. There is a charge of $160 for the entire GED exam or $32 for a single subject.  GED scholarships are available to pay for these costs for eligible students.



NEW!  Backpack Food for Kids Program


Spalding Collaborative is teaming up with the local school system and UGA-Griffin to kick off a Backpack Food for Kids program at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year in an effort to address hunger insecurity issues for children in the community.

According to Spalding Collaborative Executive Director Joseph Walker, about 73 percent of Spalding County students receive food assistance through the school system. For a number of those students it is not unusual to not eat at all between the time they leave school Friday afternoon and the time they return to school Monday morning.  The backpack program, which will be run entirely by volunteers, will buy non-perishable food items in bulk and distribute them discreetly every Friday to those children who have been identified by teachers and counselors as the most needy, pending parents’ approval.  We are starting small with 25 students from each Moore, Atkinson, Jackson Rd, and Anne Street Elementary Schools. This is a first step for us, and we have to take it one day at a time.

While we hope to generate enough funds between now and the beginning of next school year to get the program up and running, the total amount needed will depend on the number of students served. About $250 can feed a student over the weekend throughout the school year.  Funds may come from a number of small grants and tax-deductible donations from individual and corporate donations as well as various fundraisers.

Tackling the hunger among the youth is crucial.  Food insecurity issues create emotional problems, discipline problems and academic problems. It’s so important that we bring up a generation that’s healthy and able to handle the challenges they face.  

Donations to the program can be made out to Spalding Collaborative, P.O. Box 701, Griffin GA 30224. For additional information on the Backpack Food for Kids program, call 678-764-6297, email


Joseph Walker, Executive Director, Spalding Collaborative meets with the four Elementary School Principals to celebrate the kick-off of the Back Pack Food for Kids Program which is scheduled to begin the week of October 16, 2012. The four schools targeted initially are Anne Street, Atkinson, Moore, and Jackson Rd. Representing their schools are Principals Gloria Brown, Evelyn Jones, Laura Jordan, and Avery Allen. This initiative is a collaborative effort between the Spalding Collaborative, UGA/Griffin Campus, The Griffin/Spalding County School System, The Griffin/ Spalding Chamber of Commerce, First Assembly Church, Eagles Way Church and FUN 101.1. Anyone wishing to support this initiative can send tax deductable donations to: The Spalding Collaborative, P.O. Box 701, Griffin, GA 30224. Please make a notation on the check that the donations is for the Back Pack Food for Kids.

Volunteers Pack Bags for Backpack Food for Kids Program

Misty Smith, Freida Maddux, Janice Buice, Joseph Walker (Spalding Collaborative), Vera McIntosh, Beth Mathis, Cebell Miller, and Cynthia Anderson pack bags for our Backpack Food for Kids Program


Executive Director Joseph Walker presents to the Griffin chapter of the American Business Women's Association


Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Help to Quit Smoking Now Available Statewide

Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy for Uninsured Adults in Georgia

ATLANTA –The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) is expanding its efforts to
help Georgians quit smoking and stop using tobacco products. Beginning today, with
grant money from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, DPH is offering a
four-week supply of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy to all uninsured Georgia
tobacco users aged 18 and older. Along with the American Cancer Society and the
Great American Smokeout, DPH is urging Georgians to quit smoking for a day and
eventually for life.

More than 1.5 million Georgians aged 18 and older smoke cigarettes. Another 315,000
adults in Georgia use some form of smokeless tobacco like chewing tobacco, snuff, or
snus. And recent data shows that tobacco use is increasing among Georgia teens and
young adults putting even more lives at risk for cancer. Smoking costs Georgians $1.8
billion in direct healthcare costs every year and $3.2 billion in lost productivity.

“Tobacco use is the number one preventable cause of death in Georgia,” says Kimberly
Redding, M.D., director of the Health Promotion & Disease Prevention section in the
Georgia Department of Public Health. “Every year in Georgia, more than 10,000 people
die from smoke related illnesses – that’s more than from alcohol, cocaine and heroin,
AIDS, murders, suicides, auto accidents and fires combined.”

The free Nicotine Replacement Therapy medication comes in the form of patches and
gum. Uninsured Georgians who use tobacco and are ready to quit, can contact the
Georgia Tobacco Quit Line at 1-877-270-STOP (7867) for the free therapies. The
Georgia Tobacco Quit Line provides free and confidential, professional tobacco
cessation telephone and web-based counseling to all Georgia tobacco users ages 13
and older including pregnant and postpartum women. Since 2001, the Georgia Tobacco
Quit Line has helped nearly 85,000 Georgians in their attempts to stop smoking.
Georgia adults who use any form of tobacco are encouraged to speak to their
healthcare provider or pharmacist for additional support and information about safe,
effective and appropriate medication treatment options to assist with quitting tobacco.
The Quit Line is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Additional tobacco
cessation resources are available at the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Live
Healthy Georgia website:



About Family Connection
We are part of Family Connection, a Georgia statewide initiative of 159 community collaborative partnerships committed to making measurable improvements for children and families in Georgia.   
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